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We heat up the sauna for you!



We heat up the sauna for you!

Corona Requirements for your stay


Cabinet adopts new measures to cope with the pandemic / compensation for hospitals

The hospital traffic light in the event of a nationwide overload of the health system will be expanded to include an intensive care bed component and backed up with specific measures.

The traffic light at Tegernsee is currently on: RED

The 2G rule applies.

That means. Access is only permitted for vaccinated and convalescent people. Children under 12 years of age excluded.

Business travelers

Guests who have not been vaccinated and who have not recovered can receive access for non-tourist accommodation that is absolutely necessary and cannot be postponed. These guests must provide proof of PCR testing upon arrival and every 72 hours thereafter.

Minors from 12 years

Unvaccinated and unrecovered pupils under the age of 18 who are regularly tested in the school can visit the catering and accommodation establishments and are therefore exempt from the 2G rule that applies there.

Corona Information

Health is our highest Priority.

Dear Guests and friends, we look forward to personally welcoming you back with us soon.

Health is our first and highest priority and it is vital to maintain safety. That’s why we see it as our duty, to be there for you in this current situation as much as we can.

We, the BUSSI BABY TEAM, take this very seriously and take all Recommendations in regards to extended Hygene measures into consideration and action in order to protect ourselves from the virus.

All Hygene- and Distance-measures, as well as changes in our Offers, are purpose to preserve the Safety of our Customers and our Team’s health.

Please consider that the Guidelines and procedures may vary and change depending on the Virus-Reproduction rate. We will rate the situation daily in order to take possible next steps; considerate and consequent in order to guarantee everybody’s safety.

That is why we want to ask you the following:

Please only enter our rooms when you are free from symptoms

Please enter our public areas only, when wearing a face Mask.

Due to the circumstances we will not interact in direct contact, such as handshaking and hugging, but will welcome you with an even greater smile.

We will also try to maintain a safe distance of 1,5m from you.

Please bear in mind – we are obliged, should a space get too crowded at some point, to minimize the number of people present.

We thank you very much for your support and are in full excitement to welcome back positivity and a good atmosphere in our Hotel.